29 September 2008

she feels the air is full of songs, crackling with songs. static and SONGS.

i was watching the video for trembling blue stars' "helen reddy" earlier today. great song by a great band. i overslept today & was out of sorts, but the video/song inspired me to write--which is funny because i hadn't planned on doing anything creative today. haha. but such are plans. i demoed both songs on the [8] eight track. one with a finished lyric, the other lyric-less [for the time being]. tentatively titled : "i love you & i miss you" & "the past has passed."

25 September 2008

i thank my lucky stars that every day is CHRISTMAS.

sometimes there are complete surprises waiting for you in your myspace inbox. that was the case this past sunday morning.

it was a personal message from kevin junior of the chamber strings. i have loved his music & his band for quite some time now. so to be addressed by him [personally] made my day, week, month, etc.

it was in regard to the interview that we had done with dale marquez last summer. i didn't think he'd actually get to read it. the internet never fails to surprise me. haha.

inspired? oh, yeah.

thanks to you, mr. junior for lifting my spirits. i hope we returned the favour...

08 September 2008

the scene's outta SIGHT.

i did a random search for our band on google & happened upon this.

fastcut records

next logical step? global domination. haha. j/k. it was just nice to see our single on the other side of the world. who'd have thought that our little bedroom pop project would have fans in japan? or sweden? or scotland? let alone the united states? i'm really grateful for any & everyone who has given our music a chance. this is what it's all about. having people [other than ourselves] appreciate what we do. that's why the indie pop scene is so amazing. everyone wants everyone else to achieve the same goal. getting their music heard. as well as being a support system to the [other] bands--and to themselves.

we are fans before we are musicians.

we are fans of all the brilliant, honest indie music out there. and there are quite a few talented bands that fit the bill. thanks so much for doing what you do! your music puts a smile on our faces. most of the time we wish that we'd written those songs--they're so good!

if we all just keep it clean, we [as an musical community] will be a force to be reckoned with.

i'm not sure if any of you out there are aware of the soul train-like dance show that james brown hosted back in the 70's called FUTURE SHOCK. [it's such a wonderful trainwreck] but in the immortal words of the godfather of soul, himself : "future shock can NOT be stopped!" and neither can INDIE POP! :)

04 September 2008

...and the hits just keep COMING.

i'm starting to feel revitalised once again. i've/we've put the negative behind me/us. the only thing that matters is the music--not the drama. drama is for actors. and we're not acting.

i've written [2] two more songs. there're more where those came from. :)