10 November 2008

[21] twenty-one to PARTY!

if you haven't already had the chance to [or had the idea to, for that matter] check out a great indie pop compilation, here's a tip. "strange carousels" [volume [2] two in a series featuring ALL FILIPINO indie pop bands] is available for free [yes, FREE] download. the demo for our song "the games we play" is track [9] nine. other great bands such as camera shy, some gorgeous accident & farewell isobel also make an appearance on this [21] twenty-one song collection. many thanks to dale marquez & company for making it possible. volume [1] one "summer escape" is also up for grabs. a third volume of cover songs is in the works. we plan on contributing to that one as well. what song will we choose? you'll just have to wait & see. hehe. patience is a virtue. or so they say.