09 September 2009

are you ever coming home...or should i learn to live without YOU?

trib•ute [trĭb'yūt] n. 1. a gift, payment, declaration, or other acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration : recorded a cover compilation as a tribute to their musical influence.

alright, alright. so i adjusted the example a wee bit. :)

it's old news to those in the know. but it's sad news, nonetheless. after [16] sixteen brilliant years together aussie indie pop legends the lucksmiths have called it a day. all good things must come to an end eventually. [unless you're the rolling stones. in which case you are nothing but a sad shadow of your former selves churning out the annual greatest hits perfomance promoting your embarrassing album of "new" material.] not unlike my heroes, the jam, who stepped out of the limelight whilst still producing relevant music.

the indie pop scene will definitely feel the effects of their departure.

dale marquez [apple orchard, some gorgeous accident, sonnet lviii] has [once again] organised a brilliant compilation of bands to pay fitting tribute to the luckies. we're honoured to have played a part in "music to hold hands to." we hope that it serves its purpose as a farewell/love letter to our melbourne lads : tali, marty, mark & louis.

thank you for the music.

music to hold hands to : a tribute to the lucksmiths [1993-2009]

01 "the chapter in your life entitled san francisco" the jealous sea
02 "i prefer the twentieth century" fantasy lights
03 "caravanna" grace period
04 "the great dividing range" apple orchard
05 "untidy towns" under shooting stars
06 "guess how much i love you" archaster
07 "the shipwreck coast" candyaudioline
08 "successlessness" gustav hz
09 "little athletics" that lingering feeling
10 "sunlight in a jar" slumbook
11 "midweek midmorning" archway close
12 "there is a boy that never goes out" slow hello
13 "honey honey honey" golden teardrops
14 "young & dumb" her boychart
15 "the art of cooking for two" scattered pearls
16 "the sandringham line" the wentletraps
17 "california in popular song" land of ill earthquakes
18 "take this lying down" soft pillow kisses
19 "pin cushion" self portrait
20 "music to hold hands to" dewdrop fountain
21 "synchronised sinking" the impossible kid

sleeve design by connie francis [carnival park/melody style apartment]

[128 kbps] download here. here. or here.
[192 kbps] download here. here. or here.