29 August 2008

yeah, BUOY!

it's time to sink or swim.  [or sink or float according to aberdeen.  hehe.] and these sharks are gonna keep moving.  oh, yesh.  [insert sean connery accent here] :)

i've been working on some new songs [one finished & a few in the instrumental stages] to keep busy.  "[winter, spring, summer] all fall down" is quite clever & biting--just like every good [anti] love song should be.  i use the term [anti] love not unlike [anti] hero.  so, it's not necessarily a bad thing.  i hope to have some more songs demoed in the next few weeks.  in other words, it's lyric writing time! 

oh, yeah.  show your support & drop by the official JEALOUS SEA webpage at it's new address.  it's quite brilliant in its simplicity :  

21 August 2008

the jealous sea, please HOLD.

we apologise for the lack of entries as of late.  it's been almost a month since our last entry--one day shy, in fact.  we've been tied up in excessive melodrama & unnecessary red tape.  it has changed the way that we will do business from now on.  it's sad that you can't do things in good faith anymore, but when it all comes down to it you've got to look out for yourself/yourselves. not everyone out there is trustworthy. [they might dissolve your original agreement at the drop of a hat.  even though it is NOT the right thing to do.  even if it is NOT the mature thing to do.  even if it is BAD business practise.] 

this is where we are.  our single release is being delayed.  the recording sessions that we did are being held [from us] by the "studio" that we recorded them at.  [shakes head]  

think of it in terms of john lennon vs phil spector.  

ps : don't worry.  we'll find a way.  just think good thoughts.  and keep the faith...