22 December 2008

a song to trim the tree WITH.

to keep in the spirit of the holidaze--taylor & i have recorded a christmas carol for all of you to enjoy! granted, yes, there are really only [4] four days to enjoy this little nugget of goodness, but nonetheless--it's a great substitute for that ol' televised yule log! hehe. we hope santa leaves you amazing presents 'neath the TWEE. here's our gift to you. :)

christmas [baby, please come home]

ps : check out the great post from our friend cecilia!

*with the holidays over, we've taken the track down as of 12 january 2009. couldn't last forever, kids! ;P

04 December 2008

the neu ROMANTICS.

claude at pop song romance video zine has posted the official track listing of bands/songs for his upcoming compilation. we managed to secure a spot on the lineup! according to his latest blog entry, the disc should have a release date of 24 january 2009. what a great way to start the year! hehe. here they are, in order :

01 "edit all the sad parts out" not french
02 "tiny moth" lji
03 "anita" one happy island
04 "don't stop" pocketbooks
05 "spinning flipping" camp out
06 "stephanie & micheal" scream club
07 "you light me up" radio spectacular!!!
08 "hosikuzu loneliness" naivepop or petitfool
09 "i'm your band" the knight school
10 "simple way" the motifs
11 "when i need someone [rocketship remix]" surefire broadcast
12 "going, going, gone" the jealous sea
13 "on returning" anne bacheley
14 "coolest boy on the block" japanese pop songs
15 "too early" hey chica
16 "tender forever" scary monster
17 "in plain text" moogle charm
18 "bedwetter" summer cats
19 "after hours" camera shy
20 "pop song '91" very truly yours
21 "light blue car" dolly's pillbox
22 "emily" uni & the ding! string trio
23 "gbg 123" bonnie & clyde
24 "springtime told me" komon
25 "where do all the good ones go" megamoog

keep your eyes peeled. claude plans to make the compilation available for free download on his site 24 hours before the actual release. but everyone knows that it's waaay cooler to own the actual cd--bragging rights, y'know. and who doesn't want the right to brag? hehe. ;)

thanks again, claude!

02 December 2008

a fine MESS.

the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts--at least in our experiences. we were the subject for the latest blog entry by our new friend cecilia [from östergötlands län, sweden]. a compliment in & of itself. we were excited to hear that she was willing to help promote our music through her brilliant music blog, i am the crime. it is humbling [and also a sense of great pride] to know that someone [other than ourselves] is willing to commit their acceptance of what we do to writing. kind of makes it more real--to see it in print, y'know? do yourselves a favour & check out her blogs. you might learn a thing or two. :)

i am the crime
the 405

10 November 2008

[21] twenty-one to PARTY!

if you haven't already had the chance to [or had the idea to, for that matter] check out a great indie pop compilation, here's a tip. "strange carousels" [volume [2] two in a series featuring ALL FILIPINO indie pop bands] is available for free [yes, FREE] download. the demo for our song "the games we play" is track [9] nine. other great bands such as camera shy, some gorgeous accident & farewell isobel also make an appearance on this [21] twenty-one song collection. many thanks to dale marquez & company for making it possible. volume [1] one "summer escape" is also up for grabs. a third volume of cover songs is in the works. we plan on contributing to that one as well. what song will we choose? you'll just have to wait & see. hehe. patience is a virtue. or so they say.

22 October 2008

here's where the story...BEGINS.

we got an amazing message in our myspace inbox a few days ago.  [not to sound self-important or egotistical, but] it validates how we feel about our music. it's essential to us--as artists--to know that what we do [if however small] affects other people.  thank you again, sandy.  :)

i've been immersing myself in girgus/arzy, gavurin/wheeler, morrissey/marr, hewson/evans, fraser/guthrie, mcculloch/sergeant & brown/squire for the past week or so.  they've definitely been influencing my compositions/how i've been recording the latest demos.  a good thing, for sure.  

also heavy on the [iPod] rotation : blueboy, the school, the hit parade, the field mice, my bloody valentine, the jesus & mary chain, david bowie, birdie, a girl called eddy, math & physics club, the snow fairies, another sunny day, burt bacharach, brighter/harper lee, & the chamber strings.

since taylor's been in san francisco, it's been impossible to have finished demos.  you haven't heard new music from us lately, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy.  on the contrary, i've been writing & recording roughs by myself on the trusty [8] eight track.  

when she comes home for the holidaze we will resume normal band activity--and new music will be had by all!  hehe. i've also recently upgraded to a [16] sixteen track recorder, which has yet to see some action.  i'm still a little intimidated, but i'll soon jump that hurdle once i've read the incredibly thick operations manual.  though i hear there's an easier to follow instructional dvd in existence...   

29 September 2008

she feels the air is full of songs, crackling with songs. static and SONGS.

i was watching the video for trembling blue stars' "helen reddy" earlier today. great song by a great band. i overslept today & was out of sorts, but the video/song inspired me to write--which is funny because i hadn't planned on doing anything creative today. haha. but such are plans. i demoed both songs on the [8] eight track. one with a finished lyric, the other lyric-less [for the time being]. tentatively titled : "i love you & i miss you" & "the past has passed."

25 September 2008

i thank my lucky stars that every day is CHRISTMAS.

sometimes there are complete surprises waiting for you in your myspace inbox. that was the case this past sunday morning.

it was a personal message from kevin junior of the chamber strings. i have loved his music & his band for quite some time now. so to be addressed by him [personally] made my day, week, month, etc.

it was in regard to the interview that we had done with dale marquez last summer. i didn't think he'd actually get to read it. the internet never fails to surprise me. haha.

inspired? oh, yeah.

thanks to you, mr. junior for lifting my spirits. i hope we returned the favour...

08 September 2008

the scene's outta SIGHT.

i did a random search for our band on google & happened upon this.

fastcut records

next logical step? global domination. haha. j/k. it was just nice to see our single on the other side of the world. who'd have thought that our little bedroom pop project would have fans in japan? or sweden? or scotland? let alone the united states? i'm really grateful for any & everyone who has given our music a chance. this is what it's all about. having people [other than ourselves] appreciate what we do. that's why the indie pop scene is so amazing. everyone wants everyone else to achieve the same goal. getting their music heard. as well as being a support system to the [other] bands--and to themselves.

we are fans before we are musicians.

we are fans of all the brilliant, honest indie music out there. and there are quite a few talented bands that fit the bill. thanks so much for doing what you do! your music puts a smile on our faces. most of the time we wish that we'd written those songs--they're so good!

if we all just keep it clean, we [as an musical community] will be a force to be reckoned with.

i'm not sure if any of you out there are aware of the soul train-like dance show that james brown hosted back in the 70's called FUTURE SHOCK. [it's such a wonderful trainwreck] but in the immortal words of the godfather of soul, himself : "future shock can NOT be stopped!" and neither can INDIE POP! :)

04 September 2008

...and the hits just keep COMING.

i'm starting to feel revitalised once again. i've/we've put the negative behind me/us. the only thing that matters is the music--not the drama. drama is for actors. and we're not acting.

i've written [2] two more songs. there're more where those came from. :)

29 August 2008

yeah, BUOY!

it's time to sink or swim.  [or sink or float according to aberdeen.  hehe.] and these sharks are gonna keep moving.  oh, yesh.  [insert sean connery accent here] :)

i've been working on some new songs [one finished & a few in the instrumental stages] to keep busy.  "[winter, spring, summer] all fall down" is quite clever & biting--just like every good [anti] love song should be.  i use the term [anti] love not unlike [anti] hero.  so, it's not necessarily a bad thing.  i hope to have some more songs demoed in the next few weeks.  in other words, it's lyric writing time! 

oh, yeah.  show your support & drop by the official JEALOUS SEA webpage at it's new address.  it's quite brilliant in its simplicity :  

21 August 2008

the jealous sea, please HOLD.

we apologise for the lack of entries as of late.  it's been almost a month since our last entry--one day shy, in fact.  we've been tied up in excessive melodrama & unnecessary red tape.  it has changed the way that we will do business from now on.  it's sad that you can't do things in good faith anymore, but when it all comes down to it you've got to look out for yourself/yourselves. not everyone out there is trustworthy. [they might dissolve your original agreement at the drop of a hat.  even though it is NOT the right thing to do.  even if it is NOT the mature thing to do.  even if it is BAD business practise.] 

this is where we are.  our single release is being delayed.  the recording sessions that we did are being held [from us] by the "studio" that we recorded them at.  [shakes head]  

think of it in terms of john lennon vs phil spector.  

ps : don't worry.  we'll find a way.  just think good thoughts.  and keep the faith...      

22 July 2008

singled OUT.

we are in the home stretch as far as recording "sunshine," "a boy, a girl & a rendez-vous" & "going, going, gone" are concerned. the tracking is complete--now we're wrestling with the mixing stage. which is not an easy feat.  we should be sick of the songs at this point as we've eaten, slept & breathed them.  haha.  

strangely enough, we aren't.  :)

all [3] three songs sound great, though it looks like only [2] two made the cut for the cloudberry records 7". ["going, going, gone" will find a home on a future release. it's too good not to.] and due to time constraints "sunshine" would need half a minute shaved off [ie, the infamous "single edit"] in order to fit on one side. i think that editing would take away from the overall feel of the song, which i'm unwilling to do. not to worry. if roque gives it the green light, a fully realised version of "the games we play" & a newly recorded studio version of "moving targets [eventually get hit]" will occupy the b side [or double a side, as it should be].

so, perhaps [3] three songs will spin at 45 revolutions per minute. keep your fingers crossed...

13 July 2008

all sold OUT!

i just took a quick glance at the cloudberry records myspace page & saw something that i needed to confirm on their official website. and it's true. our "[i won't] hold my breath" single is completely SOLD OUT! i'm both sad & excited. for the same reason. it's a small victory. but a victory nonetheless. [small referring to the size of the cdr--not the impact of roque's label. hehe.]

ps : i've got the stone's song [of the same name] stuck in my head now. not a bad thing, of course. as it's one of my favourites.

12 July 2008

vinyl heaven & HTM[HEL]L.

in the grand tradition of trying new things, i've decided to have a go at web design. or as i'm referring to it--web de-SIGH-n. haha. granted, it's supposed to be click here/code here/save changes & you're done, but i'm finding it to be more complicated than i'd like it to be. a LOT more complicated. it's a good thing that i like minimalism. check out my masterwork [in progress.]

be sure to sign the guestbook. and if you're a code junkie & know how to get things done, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some helpful tips/shortcuts. i'd be forever grateful. :)

taylor & i had the pleasure of meeting mike turner from happy happy birthday to me records [or HHBTM as the kids like to call it] earlier this week. we just happened to be in athens, GA [inside/out] & stopped into wuxtry records to do some major damage to our checking accounts. lo & behold--who should be behind the counter but mike t! he's a super nice guy with conversational skills that match ours.

here's a transcribed portion of the conversation [from memory] :

me : hey taylor! they have the summer cats cloudberry 7"!
taylor : really?!
mike : yeah, i ordered that one in. cloudberry's a great label.
me : we actually put out a cd-r single last november with roque. cloudberry 057, in fact.
mike : really? which band?
me/taylor : we're the jealous sea.
mike : oh, wow! i tried to get you guys to play athens POPFEST this year!
me : yeah. i wish we could, but we're only a [2] two piece right now.
mike : there's always next year...

next year, indeed! please keep us in mind, mike! :)

ps : i ended up picking up said cloudberry records summer cats single, along with the HHBTM tullycraft/the smittens split 7", kyra's marieke 7" & the paul weller dual 12" live album catch flame! taylor made out like a bandit with my bloody valentine's loveless on vinyl. we do love a good record store!

03 July 2008

sound & VISION.

let me say firstly--mark freeth from the hi-life companion is an invaluable member of the indiepop scene. not only does he help create great music [which is so catchy i can hardly contain my enthusiasm] but he also helps create/maintain that great sense of community in this brilliant, ever-growing genre. i can't say enough good things! [THLC's "the girl in the gorilla suit" made a surprise appearance on BBC radio 6 recently. congrats!] speaking of which, be sure to purchase their album once it hits the shelves. it won't be long--yeah, yeah. ['til it belongs to you.] he let us know that we were featured on the tuesday 24 june 2008 humans beware podcast # 36.

here is what bruce dale [humans beware] had to say about "the games we play."

"the jealous sea song is i believe a demo version of a track they've got coming out on the infamous haymarket records comp which has been promised for years now but is possibly gonna make it out no the apple orchard cd is out, and there seems to be some talk the band will also be releasing on a 7" soon [my main suspect for that is a cloudberry 7" but don't quote me on that...just a suspicion!!]"

i'm not sure if it's actually going to be on the haymarket compilation or if it's an independent filipino indie pop online compilation spearheaded by dale marquez. either way, dale's involved. so be on the lookout for that.

the above images are from a photo shoot that taylor & i did on sunday. just us, my trusty canon powershot a620 & a tripod by the bay front in good ol' downtown pensacola, FL. it was such a nice, sunny day out that we felt inspired enough to squint our way through a few self-timed shots. we'll try to make it a habit to take photos as much as possible from now on. it's fun. and we're easy on the eyes. hehe.

the [3] three songs for the upcoming single are sounding great! just a few more tracks to lay down, the always "fun" mixing/mastering session & it should be good to go. judging from the rough mixes you won't be disappointed. i know we're not...

16 June 2008


if you're a completist, like we are, then you'll be happy to know that we've just posted all of our [released] catalogue of demos for your listening pleasure. [yes, the versions WITH the drums] heck, you'll be happy even if you're NOT a completist! haha. we even included an [as of yet] unreleased demo for "the games we play." for good measure, of course. i suppose the momentum of working on new material is partly responsible. so, we thought it a good idea to share the l-o-v-e. now, help us keep the momentum going...

12 June 2008

time won't let ME/makin' TIME.

wow, it's been a month since our last entry! and believe me, it's been an extremely busy month. taylor & i have been juggling/multi-tasking a lot.

we recorded a new song ["the games we play"] to contribute to dale marquez & co.'s online compilation. hopefully that'll be up & downloadable soon. inbetween everything else, we're working on [3] three new songs for another cloudberry records single ["sunshine," "a boy, a girl & a rendez-vous" & "going, going, gone"] to be released sometime during the summer/fall. we'll have to double check with roque on that one. haha. and we're thinking of recording a few EPs or a full length [or maybe both?] by the end of the summer. you'll know as soon as we do. :)

11 May 2008

[22] twenty-two bands in [77] seventy-seven MINUTES!

it's compilation-a-go-go time!  taylor & i have a brand new song ["all over town"] featured on the series two records compilation vol. 4 [CD 3].  the disc includes a song from each of the following artists that have released singles on the cloudberry records label :  flannel, afternoon naps, broken down lorry, davey strange, horowitz, sparky's magic piano, strawberry story, the airfields, the april skies, the atom miksa reservation, the felt tips, the gladeyes, the hi-life companion, US, the lost homeboys, the mare, the pains of being pure at heart, the shining hour, the westfield mining disaster, the morrisons, vermont sugar house & zipper-cremallera.  

it is sold as a 4 CD set for 25 USD [postage paid].  it is limited to [100] one hundred, hand-numbered sets with different artwork for each disc.  you can purchase it by sending the funds via paypal to seriestworecords@gmail.com.  if you have any further questions, you can email chris at the same address.

get them while you still can!  supplies are limited!  you'll have the bragging rights of being the koolest kid in klass! [alliteration is amazing, innit?] and who doesn't want to be that?  ;)


here's the cover of the [ultra rare] cloudberry records "nothing matters when we're dancing" EP.  i was looking online for a good sized scan of it, but came up empty handed.  so, if you [a] just happen to be lucky & have a copy & needed an image to accompany it for iPod use OR [b] just really like the artwork & wanted a copy for yourself...then DING-DING-DING!  you've come to the right place.  we've done the work for you!  :)

10 May 2008

it's just the same old show, on my RADIO.

the internet really opens up the possibilities for getting your music heard. don't get me wrong, i think it's brilliant--but the old school side of me remembers the day when things weren't as easily accessible. when you actually had to go down to the record store to hear new bands. now it's just a simple search on iTunes, the googling of a band name, or a visit to someone's blog & you're in business. ahhh, progress. hehe.

here is a collection of links to playlists/broadcasts/reviews that we were included in. enjoy!

08 May 2008

a bout de SOUFFLE/nothing matters when we're DANCING.

it's always fun trying to play catch up.  since we haven't been blogging the entire time [due to my losing the log in information & such] the next few entries will consist of events that have already occurred.  i suppose i'm documenting them for posterity.  the whole blogging phenomena is new to us, though the information is not.  haha.  so, bear with us.
indiepop kids of the world :

miami, FL based cloudberry records will be releasing a [3] three inch, [3] three song jealous se cd-r single on november 1st.  it is a limited pressing; [100] one hundred hand-numbered copies.  it will be available for $5.00 US [postage paid] through the cloudberry records website. 

we are extremely excited & proud to be a part of the growing cloudberry family & the indiepop revolution!  many, many thanks to roque & his undying dedication to the cause.  :)  indiepop can NOT be stopped!  

much love,
ronardo & taylor
dearest indiepop girls & boys,

we will be sharing the a-side with komon for cloudberry 502--the "nothing matters when we're dancing" EP.

a1. komon - something in my eyes
a2. the jealous sea - moving targets
b1. soda fountain rag - red tape
b2. sunny summer day - colours of fantasy
b3. the pristines - getting used to it

it will be available for free at the following indiepop nights :

twee as fuck / london, UK [jan 11th]
don't die on my doorstep / malmo, SWEDEN [jan 26th]
spiral scratch / london, UK [feb 12th]

so in a sense, we'll be in EUROPE for those dates in early 2008!  hehe.

many, many thanks to roque for including us.  we're proud to be a part of the indiepop revolution.  if you're in the area, show your support & shake a tailfeather!

ronardo & taylor

29 April 2008

question the ANSWERS.

so, i guess this is our first "official" blog entry. i just re-discovered the fact that we had this site. haha. it happens. [shrugs shoulders] perhaps you know us. perhaps you don't. either way, here's an interview that dale marquez from apple orchard/some gorgeous accident did with us last year. it'll give us a chance to [a] introduce ourselves and/or [b] re-establish friendships. [10] ten questions. [17] seventeen answers. so, nice to meet you/welcome back. here goes :

01. give us a short background for the both of you.

taylor : well, i've lived in the fort walton beach/destin/pensacola, FL area my whole life. i'm finishing up my fine arts/art history degrees at the university of west florida.
ronnie : let's see. i'm a first generation filipino-american navy brat who went to [3] three different elementary schools. i'm a recovering artist-turned singer/songwriter. it took going to art school to make me realise that my true passion was music. a very expensive life lesson, perhaps. but it was totally worth it. i wouldn't trade the experience for anything. i'm obsessed with listening to/writing/collecting/playing music. i also love the french new wave, [post]modern art, clothes & long walks on the beach. in the winter, of course. hahaha.

02. how did the band start? is the jealous sea your first band?

taylor : the jealous sea is my first band. ronnie has been an integral part of several groups in the past, during which he'd written songs for this project. we finally got to work on the material earlier this year.
ronnie : the idea behind the jealous sea began [a few years ago] as a group of instrumental songs that i'd been kicking around. i'd always wanted to do an indie pop band, but never met anyone with similar tastes that was willing to work with me. the songs & the idea were shelved. i'd been in several bands of various genres over the course of my "supposed" musical career, but none really panned out. so, after some reflection, i decided it was time to breathe new life into my old idea. i re-worked some of the songs, wrote new ones & composed lyrics. then i asked taylor [my girlfriend] if she'd be interested in collaborating with me. as we are both rabid fans of indie pop/twee it was painfully obvious that it would be a perfect fit. after a number of failed attempts at christening the band--"the jealous sea" came to me in a moment of clarity. it was so simple, yet so complicated. just a really great name. so we went with it.

03. what made you decide to make music? influences and inspirations?

taylor : i've played the piano since i was four, so i've always wanted to use that talent in a more "creative" manner. this is a great opportunity for me to do so. one of my biggest influences is tracyanne campbell from camera obscura. she's a brilliant songwriter & has a great voice.
ronnie : i've had music in my life for as far back as i can remember. my parents always had something on the turntable, so i was keen on listening to records. [which sort of explains my obsession with collecting vinyl.] i used to pretend that my badminton racket was an electric guitar & would put on "concerts" for my parents, grandmother & sister--really anyone who would indulge me. i eventually got an acoustic guitar & learned a few chords from my aunt. i guess the rest, as they say, is history. hahaha. i grew up listening to the beatles, elvis, abba & simon & garfunkel. so they have always stuck with me. my influences/inspirations? there are so many, but if i had to pick a few : the smiths, aberdeen, belle & sebastian, camera obscura, the sundays, the ocean blue, blueboy, the magnetic fields, el perro del mar, the field mice, paul weller, serge gainsbourg, the clientele, trembling blue stars, the chamber strings, u2, burt bacharach, 60's girl groups/french pop/ye-ye. wait--that's more than a few, isn't it?

04. one of my favourite songs at the moment is "a rendezvous." could you tell us more about the song? what's it about? how did you come about writing it?

ronnie : the title in full is "a boy, a girl & a rendez-vous." i nicked the name from a compilation that [one of my absolute favourite bands in the whole world] aberdeen were on. [their excellent cover of biff bang pow's "she never understood" is featured] i liked the idea of writing a song about a couple separated by several degrees. [time/distance/where they are in life] it works on different levels. i'm also a big fan of the "spoken word bridge" made popular by several 60's soul songs. so i tried to incorporate that element as well. if it worked for belle & sebastian, why wouldn't it work for us, right? great bass line on that one, by the way.

05. i really like the guitar parts on "past the grey" and "exes & ohs." what kind of guitars do you have? what other instruments do you use? which is your favourite to play?

ronnie : thanks, dale. i'm particularly proud of my guitar work on those tracks. i was channeling a few of my guitar [anti] heroes on the respective guitar breaks. i don't mind wearing my influences on my sleeve--i'm a music fan before i'm a musician. [on the demos] i used a squier tele custom* & an ibanez pf-50 acoustic on the lead & rhythm guitar tracks. i used a gretsch electromatic junior jet on the bass tracks. [my other guitars : a danelectro u3, an epiphone korina sg & an epiphone rivoli bass] i also own a tama drum kit & a microkorg synth. i enjoy playing all of the instruments in my collection, but i am a guitarist. first & foremost.

06. name one song that you wish you had written & explain why.

taylor : "the state i am in" by belle & sebastian. there is always a song that defines a group/songwriter & this is definitely the song for them. it is very high up on my personally compiled "best songs ever written" list.
ronnie : wow. that is a tough one. i don't know if i could definitively answer this. there are so many songs i wish i'd written. but at this particular moment in time i'd have to say "every day is christmas" by the chamber strings. i'll always have a spot in my heart for that song. kevin junior & co.'s performance is as authentic as their 60's predecessors. pure brilliance, really.

07. when not making music, what do you both do, together & separately?

taylor : together we do the typical couple things; go to dinner, watch movies, listen to music, etc. the majority of my alone time is spent in classes or on my artwork.
ronnie : i hate to ruin the illusion that musicians are uncontrollable party animals & trouble makers. but we're a normal couple that does normal things. both together & separately. we enjoy sharing each others company & of course we have inside jokes. but we also like to hang out with our small circle of friends. on my own i'm either glued to my iPod/eMac/turntable/assorted musical instruments, writing songs, shopping for vinyl/cds/clothes or watching whatever netflix movie came in the mail. i'm quite boring, really.

08. name three of your prized possessions.

taylor : as far as inanimate objects go i'd have to say that i couldn't make it through a single day without my car [it's the only way to get from point a to b in this town], my art supplies & my record collection. :)
ronnie : we are living in a material world & i am a material boy. excuse me--material person. but aren't we all? just kidding. out of all the stuff that i have, in no particular order : [1] my home movies/photographs/artwork. [2] my acoustic guitar. [3] my celebrity guitar pick collection--which consists of a pick used by paul weller on his "illumination" tour & another used by kelly riles of velocity girl during their last ever show. yes, i'm a self-professed indie-geek. ;)

09. any plans for an EP or an album?

ronnie : most definitely. we've written material for [2] two EPs so far. i'm working on a few new ideas as well. i've always fancied the idea of being a "singles" band. and the EP format has a certain charm that just can't be captured by an album proper. call me sentimental. call me anachronistic. call me crazy. they'd probably all apply. but seriously, i think it best to feed your audience a little at a time. that way, they're left wanting more. i've been witness to too many releases that could benefit from a lot of editing down. "all killer, no filler," i always say.

10. five years from now, where do you see yourselves?

taylor : i'll be well out of grad school by then, with a secure job that will support my artistic/musical endeavours.
ronnie : a lot can happen in [5] five years. i can't tell the future, no one can. but i hope to be continuing on with our little musical project. which hopefully won't be quite so little by then. [cue the cloudy, sparkly dream sequence] opening for belle & sebastian & camera obscura. collaborating with apple orchard. signing to shinkansen. on the cover of MOJO magazine. stranger things have happened, y'know? <3

*i've since upgraded to an olympic white fender '72 telecaster deluxe which i play through a fender texas red hot rod deluxe amplifier. both limited editons. :)