20 February 2010

a [web] site to SEE!

the official jealous sea website is finally fully functional! it [re]launched 18 february 2009. lorelie marquez [of golden teardrops/spring boutique/under shooting stars fame] is behind the [desperately needed] redesign of our page. not only is she a great pop vocalist--she's also a brilliant webpage designer!

our neu page has amazing features & appointments. just enough bells & whistles [or belles & sebastians] without treading on the obnoxious. a level of taste & restraint is a necessity in this day & age--as an excessive use of java & flash is the norm.

on that note--sit tight. there are more features to come!

ps : drop by & leave us a message! ♥


knut b. lindbjör helps run the norwegian based eardrums music blog & accompanying eardrums pop music label. he was instrumental in our inclusion on the birdsongs, beesongs volume b online compilation [april 2009]. the blog/label loves warm & melodic music of all kinds. they believe in beautiful things that you can see & hear. they believe in working together, helping each other & getting good music & good art out to the public. knut & co's neuest project is called "between two waves." the compilation calls for [2] two different bands to collaborate in order to create a new band/song between themselves.
POP ROMANTIQUE! was born of this collaboration. our "indie pop super group" is comprised of lorelie & ryan marquez [golden teardrops] alongside taylor & myself [the jealous sea, of course]. an unbeatable combination, indeed! :D the compilation will be available for online consumption early march 2010. so mark your calendars!

19 February 2010

my life is only a BRILLDREAM.

shaun brilldream [from salop, the midlands, UK] writes a brilliant little indie pop blog called "i had an excellent dream." his blog is a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel. he is "dedicated to unearthing indie, indie pop, northern soul, etc that you may not have heard of--polishing up old gems & generally keeping the faith." he places [2] two very inspiring quotes/advice on both his blogspot & myspace page.

from british comedienne josie long :

"if you want something to exist, sometimes you have to make it yourself."

from the smiths' song "accept yourself" :

"anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes."

[2] two thoughts that are very close to our hearts. and very close to our personal ethos.

he did an amazing write-up of us on his blog mid-december of last year. i could go on & attempt to condense what he said into a neat little snippet, but i'll let his article speak for itself. thanks again, shaun. we couldn't have said it any better. :D

a neu DECADE.

twenty-ten. 2010. MMX.

i'm still not used to writing it, typing it, or saying it. yet here it is. and here we are. the new year. ready or not, right?

well, here's what's new [or somewhat new] with us [2] two months in.

we were name dropped in a post on the beautiful music blog. it's from july of last year, but it's new to us & so we pass it along to you. if we're mentioned in the same breath as great bands such as some goreous accident & sonnet lviii in a post assessing the current shoegaze scene--i think we're at least making some sort of impact. :)

even further back to april 2009 leads us to sindyan qasem & his one step beyond blog/podcast. he has been a champion of our music in the leipzig, germany indie pop scene since the beginning. we are highly appreciative of his efforts to further our music!

japanese artist takafumi shirai of electronica act, american green [in an interview by bad panda records this past december] named our cover of darlene love's classic "christmas [baby please come home]" when asked to name [1] one song that he liked. :)

we got a couple of votes for the "most promising new act" & [1] one vote for "favourite band of the year" on the tweenet individual poll 2009. seeing as we weren't aware of the poll & didn't even know we would be considered for any category--it's an honour just to be nominated. hahaha. [didn't think we'd ever get a chance to say that clichè!]