24 February 2009

the sincerest form of FLATTERY.

as we are fans before we are musicians--paying homage to one of our influences is a welcome thing. we recently recorded a song for dale marquez's long awaited follow up to last year's brilliant "strange carousels" online compilation. [which is still available for download] it is tentatively titled "under the covers." [it is not yet available for download, but we'll let you know as soon as it is!]

so, the theme this time around? ding-ding-ding! you guessed it--cover songs!

our contribution to the project was an attempt to do right by one of our most favourite bands in the entire world : aberdeen. [if you've never heard them, we strongly urge you to do so. their music changed our lives!]

the song : "toy tambourine." i think that we did quite well. we even got a thumbs up from mr. john girgus himself. no compliment could be worth more. :)