11 May 2008

[22] twenty-two bands in [77] seventy-seven MINUTES!

it's compilation-a-go-go time!  taylor & i have a brand new song ["all over town"] featured on the series two records compilation vol. 4 [CD 3].  the disc includes a song from each of the following artists that have released singles on the cloudberry records label :  flannel, afternoon naps, broken down lorry, davey strange, horowitz, sparky's magic piano, strawberry story, the airfields, the april skies, the atom miksa reservation, the felt tips, the gladeyes, the hi-life companion, US, the lost homeboys, the mare, the pains of being pure at heart, the shining hour, the westfield mining disaster, the morrisons, vermont sugar house & zipper-cremallera.  

it is sold as a 4 CD set for 25 USD [postage paid].  it is limited to [100] one hundred, hand-numbered sets with different artwork for each disc.  you can purchase it by sending the funds via paypal to seriestworecords@gmail.com.  if you have any further questions, you can email chris at the same address.

get them while you still can!  supplies are limited!  you'll have the bragging rights of being the koolest kid in klass! [alliteration is amazing, innit?] and who doesn't want to be that?  ;)


here's the cover of the [ultra rare] cloudberry records "nothing matters when we're dancing" EP.  i was looking online for a good sized scan of it, but came up empty handed.  so, if you [a] just happen to be lucky & have a copy & needed an image to accompany it for iPod use OR [b] just really like the artwork & wanted a copy for yourself...then DING-DING-DING!  you've come to the right place.  we've done the work for you!  :)

10 May 2008

it's just the same old show, on my RADIO.

the internet really opens up the possibilities for getting your music heard. don't get me wrong, i think it's brilliant--but the old school side of me remembers the day when things weren't as easily accessible. when you actually had to go down to the record store to hear new bands. now it's just a simple search on iTunes, the googling of a band name, or a visit to someone's blog & you're in business. ahhh, progress. hehe.

here is a collection of links to playlists/broadcasts/reviews that we were included in. enjoy!

08 May 2008

a bout de SOUFFLE/nothing matters when we're DANCING.

it's always fun trying to play catch up.  since we haven't been blogging the entire time [due to my losing the log in information & such] the next few entries will consist of events that have already occurred.  i suppose i'm documenting them for posterity.  the whole blogging phenomena is new to us, though the information is not.  haha.  so, bear with us.
indiepop kids of the world :

miami, FL based cloudberry records will be releasing a [3] three inch, [3] three song jealous se cd-r single on november 1st.  it is a limited pressing; [100] one hundred hand-numbered copies.  it will be available for $5.00 US [postage paid] through the cloudberry records website. 

we are extremely excited & proud to be a part of the growing cloudberry family & the indiepop revolution!  many, many thanks to roque & his undying dedication to the cause.  :)  indiepop can NOT be stopped!  

much love,
ronardo & taylor
dearest indiepop girls & boys,

we will be sharing the a-side with komon for cloudberry 502--the "nothing matters when we're dancing" EP.

a1. komon - something in my eyes
a2. the jealous sea - moving targets
b1. soda fountain rag - red tape
b2. sunny summer day - colours of fantasy
b3. the pristines - getting used to it

it will be available for free at the following indiepop nights :

twee as fuck / london, UK [jan 11th]
don't die on my doorstep / malmo, SWEDEN [jan 26th]
spiral scratch / london, UK [feb 12th]

so in a sense, we'll be in EUROPE for those dates in early 2008!  hehe.

many, many thanks to roque for including us.  we're proud to be a part of the indiepop revolution.  if you're in the area, show your support & shake a tailfeather!

ronardo & taylor