29 August 2008

yeah, BUOY!

it's time to sink or swim.  [or sink or float according to aberdeen.  hehe.] and these sharks are gonna keep moving.  oh, yesh.  [insert sean connery accent here] :)

i've been working on some new songs [one finished & a few in the instrumental stages] to keep busy.  "[winter, spring, summer] all fall down" is quite clever & biting--just like every good [anti] love song should be.  i use the term [anti] love not unlike [anti] hero.  so, it's not necessarily a bad thing.  i hope to have some more songs demoed in the next few weeks.  in other words, it's lyric writing time! 

oh, yeah.  show your support & drop by the official JEALOUS SEA webpage at it's new address.  it's quite brilliant in its simplicity :  

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Anonymous said...

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