06 January 2009

should auld acquaintance be FORGOT?

happy new year!

we can't believe it's 2009 already--almost through the first decade of the 2000's. that's a scary thought, innit? only [3] three more years left, if you subscribe to the whole 2012/end of the world thing. haha.

we are in the midst of recording songs for various projects. a cover song for dale marquez's new online compilation. [3] three songs for the postponed/long overdue cloudberry 7". another [3] three for a single that we may put out ourselves [on stay-pressed records]. and a few just for fun. :) taylor heads back west in a few days, so we've been maximizing creativity. thank goodness for home recording. it's a drag being at the mercy of a studio/engineer. ie, scheduling can be a pain in the arse. there's just something a tad bit comforting about being able to record at your own convenience.

we hope you guys are having as productive a time as we are. if not--there are ways to remedy that situation. it is the new year for chrissake!

a mantra we can ALL recite : resolution is REVOLUTION! [or something like that]

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