03 August 2009

extended PLAY.

we have a new song, "sunshine [after the rain]" on the series two records/eggnog records split [3] three inch CD/EP club compilation number [2] two! [whew! that was a mouthful, no?] you can preview it on our myspace page. heck, if you like it--add it to YOUR page! hehe.*

we share the release with the winter club [UK],the art deparment [USA], the simple carnival [USA], my pet goat [sweden] & new year ruse [UK].

it's a limited pressing of [50] fifty available for purchase to anyone worldwide. that's [25] twenty-five per label. so if you're going to order [1] one, you'd better do it soon!

the price is the same from either location. you can buy it by sending [25] twenty-five USD to : seriestworecords@gmail.com OR orders@eggnogrecords.co.nz. price includes international shipping costs.

we've received invites on our myspace that have made our day.

and last.fm has turned the corners of our mouths upwards as well.

in short [to quote a favourite song of ours] "we can't stop smiling & we don't know why we'd want to anyway..."

*we've removed "sunshine" from our myspace page as of 10 august 2009. we feel that the mix does not properly represent the song. fret not, as we are in the process of re-recording it. :)

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