03 December 2009

write [side] UP!

i admit that i've taken a wee bit of a break from blogging. but let's not dwell in the past. let's get right back to where we started from!

back on 23 september 2009 we received a nice little writeup on the indie handbook blog.

in their own words : the indie handbook was created by confused genius twentysomethings eric roberstson & kristin garrett. eric & kristin both graduated with b.a. degrees in music, with which they have found they can do anything! [anything requiring cheap labor!] at least they know fantastic music when they hear it & are using their degrees & raw talent for the good of all.

we even shared the blog post with lovely bands in their own right sky larkin & bombay bicycle club!

kristin & eric, thanks so much for your support! we will do the same!

email them @ the.indie.handbook@gmail.com.
join them on facebook.

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