11 May 2008

[22] twenty-two bands in [77] seventy-seven MINUTES!

it's compilation-a-go-go time!  taylor & i have a brand new song ["all over town"] featured on the series two records compilation vol. 4 [CD 3].  the disc includes a song from each of the following artists that have released singles on the cloudberry records label :  flannel, afternoon naps, broken down lorry, davey strange, horowitz, sparky's magic piano, strawberry story, the airfields, the april skies, the atom miksa reservation, the felt tips, the gladeyes, the hi-life companion, US, the lost homeboys, the mare, the pains of being pure at heart, the shining hour, the westfield mining disaster, the morrisons, vermont sugar house & zipper-cremallera.  

it is sold as a 4 CD set for 25 USD [postage paid].  it is limited to [100] one hundred, hand-numbered sets with different artwork for each disc.  you can purchase it by sending the funds via paypal to seriestworecords@gmail.com.  if you have any further questions, you can email chris at the same address.

get them while you still can!  supplies are limited!  you'll have the bragging rights of being the koolest kid in klass! [alliteration is amazing, innit?] and who doesn't want to be that?  ;)

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