08 May 2008

a bout de SOUFFLE/nothing matters when we're DANCING.

it's always fun trying to play catch up.  since we haven't been blogging the entire time [due to my losing the log in information & such] the next few entries will consist of events that have already occurred.  i suppose i'm documenting them for posterity.  the whole blogging phenomena is new to us, though the information is not.  haha.  so, bear with us.
indiepop kids of the world :

miami, FL based cloudberry records will be releasing a [3] three inch, [3] three song jealous se cd-r single on november 1st.  it is a limited pressing; [100] one hundred hand-numbered copies.  it will be available for $5.00 US [postage paid] through the cloudberry records website. 

we are extremely excited & proud to be a part of the growing cloudberry family & the indiepop revolution!  many, many thanks to roque & his undying dedication to the cause.  :)  indiepop can NOT be stopped!  

much love,
ronardo & taylor
dearest indiepop girls & boys,

we will be sharing the a-side with komon for cloudberry 502--the "nothing matters when we're dancing" EP.

a1. komon - something in my eyes
a2. the jealous sea - moving targets
b1. soda fountain rag - red tape
b2. sunny summer day - colours of fantasy
b3. the pristines - getting used to it

it will be available for free at the following indiepop nights :

twee as fuck / london, UK [jan 11th]
don't die on my doorstep / malmo, SWEDEN [jan 26th]
spiral scratch / london, UK [feb 12th]

so in a sense, we'll be in EUROPE for those dates in early 2008!  hehe.

many, many thanks to roque for including us.  we're proud to be a part of the indiepop revolution.  if you're in the area, show your support & shake a tailfeather!

ronardo & taylor

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