02 December 2008

a fine MESS.

the smallest gestures make the biggest impacts--at least in our experiences. we were the subject for the latest blog entry by our new friend cecilia [from östergötlands län, sweden]. a compliment in & of itself. we were excited to hear that she was willing to help promote our music through her brilliant music blog, i am the crime. it is humbling [and also a sense of great pride] to know that someone [other than ourselves] is willing to commit their acceptance of what we do to writing. kind of makes it more real--to see it in print, y'know? do yourselves a favour & check out her blogs. you might learn a thing or two. :)

i am the crime
the 405


Anonymous said...

good to see things going well for the sea, my friend. Hope all is well with you.


Cecilia said...

I couldn't agree more! ;)