04 December 2008

the neu ROMANTICS.

claude at pop song romance video zine has posted the official track listing of bands/songs for his upcoming compilation. we managed to secure a spot on the lineup! according to his latest blog entry, the disc should have a release date of 24 january 2009. what a great way to start the year! hehe. here they are, in order :

01 "edit all the sad parts out" not french
02 "tiny moth" lji
03 "anita" one happy island
04 "don't stop" pocketbooks
05 "spinning flipping" camp out
06 "stephanie & micheal" scream club
07 "you light me up" radio spectacular!!!
08 "hosikuzu loneliness" naivepop or petitfool
09 "i'm your band" the knight school
10 "simple way" the motifs
11 "when i need someone [rocketship remix]" surefire broadcast
12 "going, going, gone" the jealous sea
13 "on returning" anne bacheley
14 "coolest boy on the block" japanese pop songs
15 "too early" hey chica
16 "tender forever" scary monster
17 "in plain text" moogle charm
18 "bedwetter" summer cats
19 "after hours" camera shy
20 "pop song '91" very truly yours
21 "light blue car" dolly's pillbox
22 "emily" uni & the ding! string trio
23 "gbg 123" bonnie & clyde
24 "springtime told me" komon
25 "where do all the good ones go" megamoog

keep your eyes peeled. claude plans to make the compilation available for free download on his site 24 hours before the actual release. but everyone knows that it's waaay cooler to own the actual cd--bragging rights, y'know. and who doesn't want the right to brag? hehe. ;)

thanks again, claude!

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