06 March 2009

what you give is what you GET.

proof that the internet brings the world a little closer together : our friend sindyan in sachsen, germany was nice enough to include us on his 02 march 2009 podcast of one step beyond.

our songs "all over town" & "moving targets [eventually get hit]" set sail on the internet airwaves via his leipzig based radio show. we kept good company with the likes of : of montreal, phoenix, teitur, crystal stilts, wire, morrissey, television personalities, cause co-motion, bobby sheen, camera obscura, el perro del mar, the pains of being pure at heart, the saturday people, action painting!, heinz strunk, yeah yeah yeahs, gentle touch, whomadewho, steve cradock & primal scream!

you can download the set & enjoy the great bands/songs that were played :

part [1] one
part [2] two

it was great working with him & we really appreciate the overseas support! these guys are class acts! mit tiefer fankbarkeit!

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