08 April 2009

so love me, hold me. 'cause i'm FREE.

UNDER THE COVERS, the [3rd] third volume of dale marquez's mp3 compilation series, is [finally!] up for download. this time around [21] twenty-one filipino indie pop bands participated.

we're quite fond of track number [12] twelve. hehe.

nocturnal we - femme fatale [velvet underground]
golden teardrops - if i needed someone [the beatles]
carnival park - portland, oregon [the cat's miaow]
scattered pearls - the lucky one [au revoir simone]
that lingering feeling - abandon ship [april showers]
the fantasy lights - loveless [new order]
superminty - time thief [pale saints]
some gorgeous accident - brighter [the railway children]
lovely days and loud hurrays - before we begin [broadcast]
so the jerk - hole in my heart [bmx bandits]
farewell isobel - keep your love [the loveninjas]
the jealous sea - toy tambourine [aberdeen]
soft pillow kisses - over the rainbow [the crooner]
the wentletraps - just like honey [the jesus and mary chain]
apple orchard - appetite [prefab sprout]
camera shy - afterhours [velvet underground]
radiomanila - saving all my love for you [marilyn mcCoo and billy davis, jr./whitney houston)
candyaudioline - nothing much to lose [my bloody valentine]
sonnet LVIII - skyscrapers of st. mirin [live] [the close lobsters]
sarah sitting - why baby [live] [aislers set]
lazy lorelei - know who you are at every age [live] [cocteau twins]

you can download it from either of these links :


the music may be free, but this compilation is priceless!


Jessel said...

I was listening to the compilation this morning...and one of the songs that made me look at the titles/ban name is Jealous Sea! Good job guys!



Jessel said...

I meant "Band Name"