19 February 2010

my life is only a BRILLDREAM.

shaun brilldream [from salop, the midlands, UK] writes a brilliant little indie pop blog called "i had an excellent dream." his blog is a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel. he is "dedicated to unearthing indie, indie pop, northern soul, etc that you may not have heard of--polishing up old gems & generally keeping the faith." he places [2] two very inspiring quotes/advice on both his blogspot & myspace page.

from british comedienne josie long :

"if you want something to exist, sometimes you have to make it yourself."

from the smiths' song "accept yourself" :

"anything is hard to find when you will not open your eyes."

[2] two thoughts that are very close to our hearts. and very close to our personal ethos.

he did an amazing write-up of us on his blog mid-december of last year. i could go on & attempt to condense what he said into a neat little snippet, but i'll let his article speak for itself. thanks again, shaun. we couldn't have said it any better. :D

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