20 February 2010


knut b. lindbjör helps run the norwegian based eardrums music blog & accompanying eardrums pop music label. he was instrumental in our inclusion on the birdsongs, beesongs volume b online compilation [april 2009]. the blog/label loves warm & melodic music of all kinds. they believe in beautiful things that you can see & hear. they believe in working together, helping each other & getting good music & good art out to the public. knut & co's neuest project is called "between two waves." the compilation calls for [2] two different bands to collaborate in order to create a new band/song between themselves.
POP ROMANTIQUE! was born of this collaboration. our "indie pop super group" is comprised of lorelie & ryan marquez [golden teardrops] alongside taylor & myself [the jealous sea, of course]. an unbeatable combination, indeed! :D the compilation will be available for online consumption early march 2010. so mark your calendars!

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