12 July 2008

vinyl heaven & HTM[HEL]L.

in the grand tradition of trying new things, i've decided to have a go at web design. or as i'm referring to it--web de-SIGH-n. haha. granted, it's supposed to be click here/code here/save changes & you're done, but i'm finding it to be more complicated than i'd like it to be. a LOT more complicated. it's a good thing that i like minimalism. check out my masterwork [in progress.]

be sure to sign the guestbook. and if you're a code junkie & know how to get things done, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some helpful tips/shortcuts. i'd be forever grateful. :)

taylor & i had the pleasure of meeting mike turner from happy happy birthday to me records [or HHBTM as the kids like to call it] earlier this week. we just happened to be in athens, GA [inside/out] & stopped into wuxtry records to do some major damage to our checking accounts. lo & behold--who should be behind the counter but mike t! he's a super nice guy with conversational skills that match ours.

here's a transcribed portion of the conversation [from memory] :

me : hey taylor! they have the summer cats cloudberry 7"!
taylor : really?!
mike : yeah, i ordered that one in. cloudberry's a great label.
me : we actually put out a cd-r single last november with roque. cloudberry 057, in fact.
mike : really? which band?
me/taylor : we're the jealous sea.
mike : oh, wow! i tried to get you guys to play athens POPFEST this year!
me : yeah. i wish we could, but we're only a [2] two piece right now.
mike : there's always next year...

next year, indeed! please keep us in mind, mike! :)

ps : i ended up picking up said cloudberry records summer cats single, along with the HHBTM tullycraft/the smittens split 7", kyra's marieke 7" & the paul weller dual 12" live album catch flame! taylor made out like a bandit with my bloody valentine's loveless on vinyl. we do love a good record store!