22 July 2008

singled OUT.

we are in the home stretch as far as recording "sunshine," "a boy, a girl & a rendez-vous" & "going, going, gone" are concerned. the tracking is complete--now we're wrestling with the mixing stage. which is not an easy feat.  we should be sick of the songs at this point as we've eaten, slept & breathed them.  haha.  

strangely enough, we aren't.  :)

all [3] three songs sound great, though it looks like only [2] two made the cut for the cloudberry records 7". ["going, going, gone" will find a home on a future release. it's too good not to.] and due to time constraints "sunshine" would need half a minute shaved off [ie, the infamous "single edit"] in order to fit on one side. i think that editing would take away from the overall feel of the song, which i'm unwilling to do. not to worry. if roque gives it the green light, a fully realised version of "the games we play" & a newly recorded studio version of "moving targets [eventually get hit]" will occupy the b side [or double a side, as it should be].

so, perhaps [3] three songs will spin at 45 revolutions per minute. keep your fingers crossed...

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