03 July 2008

sound & VISION.

let me say firstly--mark freeth from the hi-life companion is an invaluable member of the indiepop scene. not only does he help create great music [which is so catchy i can hardly contain my enthusiasm] but he also helps create/maintain that great sense of community in this brilliant, ever-growing genre. i can't say enough good things! [THLC's "the girl in the gorilla suit" made a surprise appearance on BBC radio 6 recently. congrats!] speaking of which, be sure to purchase their album once it hits the shelves. it won't be long--yeah, yeah. ['til it belongs to you.] he let us know that we were featured on the tuesday 24 june 2008 humans beware podcast # 36.

here is what bruce dale [humans beware] had to say about "the games we play."

"the jealous sea song is i believe a demo version of a track they've got coming out on the infamous haymarket records comp which has been promised for years now but is possibly gonna make it out no the apple orchard cd is out, and there seems to be some talk the band will also be releasing on a 7" soon [my main suspect for that is a cloudberry 7" but don't quote me on that...just a suspicion!!]"

i'm not sure if it's actually going to be on the haymarket compilation or if it's an independent filipino indie pop online compilation spearheaded by dale marquez. either way, dale's involved. so be on the lookout for that.

the above images are from a photo shoot that taylor & i did on sunday. just us, my trusty canon powershot a620 & a tripod by the bay front in good ol' downtown pensacola, FL. it was such a nice, sunny day out that we felt inspired enough to squint our way through a few self-timed shots. we'll try to make it a habit to take photos as much as possible from now on. it's fun. and we're easy on the eyes. hehe.

the [3] three songs for the upcoming single are sounding great! just a few more tracks to lay down, the always "fun" mixing/mastering session & it should be good to go. judging from the rough mixes you won't be disappointed. i know we're not...

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