19 April 2009

so you had better do as you are told. you better listen to the RADIO!

google-ing one's self. i know, i know. sounds kind of naughty & risqué, no? i suppose it could be. haha. it's interesting to see what you'll find. it's a hit or miss kind of thing, really. but sometimes...you find gold.

our song "a boy, a girl & a rendez-vous" [which was recently featured on the eardrums pop BIRDSONGS, BEESONGS VOLUME B compilation] made it onto dj dave's playlist for 14 april 2009! the STEREOPHONIC HI-FI HAPPY HOUR is his radio show that resides at the U [the university of missouri-st louis student radio] on tuesdays 7-8 pm. we shared the slot with brilliant artists such as : the jesus & mary chain, cornershop, the apples in stereo & it's a musical.

this makes us extremely happy. more airplay in more places is awesome. hopefully we'll make more friends/fans as a result. we'll keep our fingers crossed. :)

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