14 April 2009

volume BEE.

if [1] one free compilation featuring us this month wasn't enough for you guys & gals--then thank your lucky stars! 'cause here's another!

the new spring compilation from our friend, knut b. lindbjör's eardrums pop "BIRDSONGS, BEESONGS" is now available. so far, [2] two volumes have been released. we are on volume B. or volume BEE, i suppose. haha.

01 promise and the monster - words
02 parachutes - tree roots turn to forts
03 charlotte & magon - i love you, you are my friend
04 martin carr - why you gotta bring me all this rain
05 monobird - exploding view
07 no kids/mount eerie - prisoner of desire
08 the electones - the huntress
09 cryptacize - mythomania
10 seeland - pretty bird [alt. version]
11 looking glass - ah la la
12 blue roses - doubtful comforts
13 tailor made for a small room - pleasant hill
14 montt mardié - castle in the sky
15 tim & sam's tim & the sam band with tim & sam - inside the egg
16 arthur and martha - japanese kiss
17 wild honey - the house by the sea
18 wisdomtooth - bandits
19 tramontana - low rise
20 aquella illusion - buscador
21 jonathan johansson - du sa

our contribution is named after a red roses for me compilation that featured aberdeen's cover of biff bang pow's "she never understood." our song is about a couple separated by several degrees. [time/distance/where they are in life] it works on different levels, really. it's also the only jealous sea song [so far] to feature the "spoken word bridge" made popular by several 60's soul songs. if it worked for belle & sebastian, why wouldn't it work for us, right? hehe.

ps : if you download anything from the eardrums pop site, please give something back. thanks so much!

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